Terms of Use

Terms of Use

By using the itSM Solutions NCSF.COM website (www.nistcsf.com), you are agreeing to these terms and conditions, and you accept to be bound by them. Your interaction is governed as per our privacy policy.

Course Access:
On-line courses can be accessed upon completion of purchase, as described in e-Commerce Policy section of our Terms and Conditions. You can purchase a membership for the Mentor service in addition to single license or multiple licenses for specific itSM Solutions course(s) or libraries.

Course Completion Timeframe:
Your license for the membership you have purchased is activated on the date of purchase while the itSM Solutions video certification classes are activated when you log into the course for the first time. Upon initial access, you will have the contracted number of days to complete the entire course. If your training package includes multiple courses (i.e., a library), the course duration timer will start the first time you log into the first course. To achieve maximum advantage of your contracted timeframe, refrain from logging into the course or library until you are ready to take and complete the course.

Your user profile tracks your progress and number of days available for course completion. When the duration of an individual course completes, the course license will automatically expire.

Course Extension:
30 Day extensions for all certification courses and libraries can be purchased by the license holder from www.itsmwebsolutions.com

Students who are having technical difficulties and have reported them to support@itsmsolutions.com will receive a no charge extension equal to the amount of time the student did not have access to their online training program.

e-Commerce Policy:
itSM Mentor and the customer are governed by the acceptance of these terms and conditions and our privacy policy. A contract between itSM Solutions and you will exist only after an email confirming the payment acceptance of your order and your right to access a particular course and material has been sent to you.

Transactions are processed through the authorize.net gateway payment service. When entering confidential information, such as credit card number for a transaction, the information is encrypted using a GeoTrust SSL Certificate. To view the GeoTrust certificate, please click here.

Members Policy:
When registering for itSM Solutions on-line courses, you will be granted a unique and personal Username and Password, which will allow you to access the courses and reference materials. You accept that your personal Username and Password are for your use only and agree to the following:

• You are responsible for keeping your username and password information confidential, and for any irregularity that might occur from passing on your personal information to third parties.
• You accept that only you, without any other support, will supply the input in your training. If you fail to successfully complete a course within the specified time frame, you may renew your license; additional course fees will be applied.
• You cannot redistribute any material contained within this site. Each on-line course, module and reference material is licensed only for your personal and individual use.

itSM Solutions reserves the right to suspend or terminate your access at any time, without refund of payments, on the presumption or belief of any irregularity regarding your account.

Cancellation and Refund Policy:
NO refunds will be issued with the exception of technical difficulties that cannot be resolved within 10 days of reporting of problem to support@itsmsolutions.com

Copyright in the website and all its contents, including on-line courses, its design, text and graphics and their selection and arrangement, is owned by itSM Solutions respectively. You are allowed to download and print content from the website for your personal, non-commercial use only. You agree not to reproduce, retransmit, broadcast in any media, post on any network computer, duplicate, copy, commercial exploit or transfer this website or its contents without prior written permission. Violation will lead to termination of account and prosecution.

The minimum technical requirements for running our e-Learning courses offered on our Online Campus can be found on the itSM Solutions web site.

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