NIST NICE Enterprise

NIST NICE Enterprise

NIST NICE Workforce Assessment and Training Curriculum Solutions

Today, due to the ever changing threat landscape created by Mobile Computing, Cloud, the Internet of Things (IoT) and a very sophisticated network of threat actors (i.e., the bad guys) enterprises need to build a workforce capable of engineering, maintaining and improving the IT & Cybersecurity frameworks and methodologies to identify, protect, detect, respond and recover from cyber-attacks.

itSM Solutions NISTCSF.COM is a global consortium of academic, government and industry thought leaders working together to create IT and Cybersecurity curriculum that teaches the knowledge, skills and abilities to operationalize the frameworks and methodologies created by NIST, Axelos, CompTIA, ISACA, ISC2, PMI and other internationally recognized institutes and organizations.
The consortium’s focus is to create licensable assessment, curriculum and train-trainer-services that will provide an affordable and scalable way for other academic and commercial institutions to offer these programs as part of their IT & Cybersecurity workforce development program.
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NIST NICE Workforce Assessment & Mentoring Program

NISTCSF.COM’s National Initiative for Cybersecurity Education (NICE) enterprise workforce assessment & mentoring program is a five phase approach to organizational change based on the key principles outlined in Kotter’s eight step change process for organizational transformation.

The NICE assessment & mentoring program provides enterprises with a structured approach on how to profile the knowledge and skills of its IT & Cybersecurity workforce and then map that profile to a series of role based training programs designed to create a workforce capable of engineering, maintaining and improving the IT & NIST Cybersecurity frameworks and methodologies an organization needs to identify, protect, detect, respond and recover from cyber-attacks.

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This easy to use model helps organizations get the right training to the right person at the right time by identifying and justifying anticipated IT & Cybersecurity training needs. The NISTCSF program ensures a successful outcome for both the student and employer.

The NISTCSF.COM training assessment & mentoring program is built around the five pillars listed below:

Executive Training programs are designed to help executives:

  • Understand the benefits of adopting an IT & NIST Cybersecurity best practice program
  • Understand the value of Organization Digital Readiness
  • Secure funding for the IT & NIST Cybersecurity program
  • Select a leadership team to drive and continually improve the IT & NIST Cybersecurity program

Leadership Training programs are designed to help leadership team acquire a systemic structure for thinking and planning and the skills to:

  • Become thought leaders for the IT & NIST Cybersecurity program
  • Understand the value of Digital Readiness
  • Perform the Assessment to identify and document IT & NIST Cybersecurity Gaps
  • Organize and Condition the enterprise for IT & NIST Cybersecurity

Enterprise Readiness Training Programs are designed to help business stakeholders and supply chain partners:

  • Understand the IT & NIST Cybersecurity program and its value to the organization in terms of improving the quality, risk and security of an enterprise digital service portfolio
  • Understand the value of Digital Readiness

Practitioner Training programs are designed to help IT and NIST Cybersecurity practitioners acquire the knowledge, skills and abilities to:

  • Plan, Design, Implement, Operate and Improve an  IT & NIST Cybersecurity program

HR Training programs are designed to:

  • Establish policies and procedures for training new employees
  • Identify career pathways for existing IT & Cybersecurity practitioners.


NIST NICE IT & Cybersecurity Curriculum Catalog

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itSM Solutions NISTCSF.COM role-based curriculum solutions enables enterprises to build a workforce capable of operationalizing, maintaining and improving IT & Cybersecurity best practice frameworks and methodologies across an enterprise and its supply chain.

Note: Items in RED are in the planning or development stage

NISTCSF.COM Curriculum Benefits Include:

  • 100% Online Using Video and Digital Book Content (print books available upon request)
  • 100% Priced Right (no student left behind)
  • Role Based Training – With a focus on Engineering, Operations, Specialty Role & Risk Management professionals
  • Learning Management System (LMS) Student Mentoring & Monitoring Services to ensure successful training & business outcomes
  • Instructor Led Delivery or Review Sessions can be added to any program if required
  • Enterprise Mentoring Planning and Launch Services
  • Partner Sales & Marketing Planning and Launch Services
  • New Curriculum Planning and Development Services

NISTCSF.COM enables students to become Trained, Skilled & Certified in the following IT and Cybersecurity career pathways:

A full listing and description of the programs listed below can be found here

  • Cybersecurity Management (NIST Cybersecurity Framework, NIST 800-171 etc.)
  • Cyber Resilience Management (RESILIA)
  • IT Service Management (ITIL V3, ITIL V4)
  • IT Governance Management (COBIT5)
  • IT Project Management (PMP, PRINCE2, SCRUM, AGILE)
  • Software & Application Launch Management (DEVOPS & DEVSECOPS
  • Cloud Management (AMAZON, AZURE etc.)
  • IoT (Awareness & Practitioner)
  • Enterprise Digital Transformation Management (IDT Foundation & Practitioner)
  • Enterprise AGILITY Management (AGILEshift)
  • Enterprise RISK Management (FAIR Institute)
  • Cybersecurity Workforce Development (NICE Cybersecurity Workforce Framework)
  • Cloud Security (Cloud Security Alliance)
  • Information Security (CISSP, CISA, CISM Security+, Ethical Hacker etc.)
  • Secure Coding (Software & Application Development)
  • Software Development (C+, C++, JAVA, PYTHON, RUBY, ANGULAR 5, ASP.NET etc.)
  • Network Engineering (Microsoft, Cisco, CompTIA & VMware)
  • Microsoft Office (Office 365, SKYPE, Lynx, Word, Powerpoint, Excel etc.)
  • Business Skills (Communication Skills, Social Media, Accounting, Legal, HR etc.)

Our UMass Lowell NIST Cybersecurity Framework certification training programs (NCSF-CFM) were recently recognized in the National CyberWatch Center 2018 Innovations in Cybersecurity Education magazine.


NISTCSF.COM Consortium Partners

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The following companies have come together to provide the operational infrastructure to support the NISTCSF.COM curriculum consortium.

Reseller Partners
NISTCSF.COM has partnered with academic and private institutions to deliver the NISTCSF.COM assessment and workforce development programs. Inaugural partners include New Horizons Computer Learning Centers, LRS Education Services, University of West Florida, Bryant University, GRC Sphere and Babbage Simmel.

Print and Digital Book Distribution
NISTCSF.COM has partnered with Arvato Training & Education Services a global eCommerce platform an integrated eReader application which delivers print and digital book versions of the NISTCSF.COM curricula to students anywhere in the world. Arvato is currently the exclusive delivery partner for Microsoft training and consulting education solutions worldwide.

Platform Partners
NISTCSF.COM has partnered with leading Assessment, Learning Management and Simulation platform company’s to deliver affordable training solutions for today’s cyber enterprise. Inaugural partners include Career Academy and CyberSaint.

Authoring Partners
NISTCSF.COM’s inaugural program NIST Cybersecurity Framework – Controls Factory Model™ (NCSF-CFM), was built in partnership with UMass Lowell (UML) a NSA/DHS National Center of Academic Excellence in Cyber Defense Research (CAE-R). NISTCSF.COM has since formed strategic partnerships with Axelos creator of the ITIL®, RESILIA® and PRINCE2 frameworks & methodologies, ISACA creator of the COBIT framework, The Institute for Digital Transformation creator of the Digital Enterprise Readiness Framework (DERF) and other academic and private industry partners to build out the rest of the NISTCSF.COM portfolio.

Publishing Partners
NISTCSF.COM has partnered with itSM Solutions to create assessment, remediation, certification and simulation training solutions for today’s cyber enterprise

Accreditation Partners
NISTCSF.COM has partnered with Acquiros and APMG for content accreditation and exam delivery services

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