NISTCSF.COM is an industry collaborative of academic, government and private industry partners focused on creating a standardized set of assessment, workforce development curricula and cloud based technology solutions (Assessment Tools, Learning Management Systems, Cyber Ranges etc.) to help organizations learn the knowledge, skills and abilities on “how to” operationalize cybersecurity best practice frameworks across an enterprise and its supply chain..

NISTCFM.COM Presentation

The collaborative’s goal is to provide high schools, community colleges, universities and private training institutions access to standardized set of engineering, operations, business risk and specialty curricula and online learning tools that will create the cybersecurity workforce our nation and the world so desperately needs.

Professionalizing Cybersecurity – A path to universal standards and status

The genesis of the NISTCSF program was a Professionalizing Cybersecurity report written by Francesca Spidalieri a Cyber Leadership Fellow at the Pell Center for International Relations and Public Policy at Salve Regina University and Lt. Colonel Sean Kern, USAF, CISSP, Cyberspace Operations Officer, is currently assigned as a student at the Joint Advanced Warfighting School, Joint Forces Staff College, National Defense University.
The report addresses the widening gap between the supply of qualified information security
professionals and the demand for skilled workers to secure critical infrastructure and
cyberspace. It sheds light on the current status of the cybersecurity labor market,
which is best characterized as a fog of competing requirements, disjointed development
programs, conflicting definitions of security roles and functions, and highly fragmented,
competing, and often confusing professional certifications. The report proposes an alternative to the current, ad hoc, decentralized approach to cybersecurity workforce development. Instead, the report proposes the creation of a national professional association in cybersecurity to solidify the field as a profession, to support individuals engaged in this profession, to establish professional standards and prescribe education and training, and, finally, to support the public good. The American Medical Association (AMA) and the American Bar Association provide similar functions in their respective fields.

Authoring, Publishing, Accreditation, Distribution, Delivery & Technology Partners

The following companies have come together to provide operational infrastructure to support the NISTCSF.COM business model. They include:

Authoring Partners
NISTCSF.COM’s inaugural program NIST Cybersecurity Framework – Controls Factory Model™ (NCSF-CFM), was built in partnership with UMass Lowell (UML) a NSA/DHS National Center of Academic Excellence in Cyber Defense Research (CAE-R). NISTCSF.COM has since formed strategic partnerships with Axelos creator of the ITIL®, RESILIA® and PRINCE2 frameworks & methodologies, ISACA creator of the COBIT framework, The Institute for Digital Transformation creator of the Digital Enterprise Readiness Framework (DERF) and other academic and private industry partners to build out the rest of the NISTCSF.COM portfolio.

Publishing Partners
NISTCSF.COM has partnered with itSM Solutions to create the DT best practice certification training programs and certification exams that will meet the digital transformation assessment, workforce development and technology needs of private industry, government and academic partners

Accreditation Partners
NISTCSF.COM has partnered with Acquiros and others for content accreditation and exam delivery services

Distribution Partners
NISTCSF.COM has partnered with Arvato Training & Education Services a global eCommerce platform an integrated eReader application which delivers print and digital book versions of the NISTCSF.COM curricula to students anywhere in the world. Arvato is currently the exclusive delivery partner for Microsoft training and consulting education solutions worldwide.

Delivery Partners
NISTCSF.COM has partnered with academic and private institutions to deliver the NISTCSF.COM assessment and workforce development programs. Inaugural partners include New Horizons Computer Learning Centers, LRS Education Services, University of West Florida, Bryant University and Babbage Simmel.

Technology Partners
NISTCSF.COM has partnered with leading Assessment, Labs, Cyber Range and Learning Management System (LMS) company’s to deliver the technology solutions that will enable NISTCSF.COM to deliver high value and cost effective solutions for digital transformation assessment and workforce development. Inaugural partners include Career Academy, CyberSaint and GRC Sphere.

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