NCSF Training Catalog

NCSF Training Catalog

NISTCSF.COM inaugural training program NCSF-CFM was built in partnership with UMass Lowell (UML) a NSA/DHS National Center of Academic Excellence in Cyber Defense Research (CAE-R) and the owners of the NCSF Controls Factory™ A Methodology to Design, Build, Test and Manage a Cybersecurity Program Based on the NIST Cybersecurity Framework

The UMass Lowell NIST Cybersecurity Framework – Controls Factory Model™ (NCSF-CFM) training program was created by Larry Wilson the CISO in the UMass president’s office. The program was used to train the engineering, operations and business teams responsible for operationalizing the NIST Cybersecurity Framework Program controls (CIS 20 Critical Controls, ISO27001, NIST 800-53, NIST 800-171, PCI, AICPA etc.) across the university five campuses and its supply chain. The NCSF-CFM program has since been used to train other universities, governments and private corporations to do the same.

NCSF-CFM Controls Factory Overview

The program teaches the knowledge, skills and abilities to:

    • Develop a strategy to educate executives and board members about the NIST Cybersecurity Framework (NCSF) and why they should allocate funding to launch and maintain a program
    • Create a Cybersecurity Program that will become policy for an organization or industry association
    • Engineer a solution to operationalize the cybersecurity program across an enterprise and its supply chain using the UMass Lowell NCSF Controls Factory™ Model (NCSF-CFM)
    • Build and Operate a Security Operations Center (SOC) to continuously monitor and respond to changes in the cybersecurity profile documented in the cybersecurity program
    • Conduct continuous Business Risk assessments to compare the current profile against the target profile (documented in the program) to identify any gaps that need to be addressed
    • Prepare for the IT, Information Security and Business Skill certification exams outlined in the NICE Cybersecurity Workforce Framework (NCWF)

    The NCSF-CFM program and its author have won the following industry awards:

    • Security Magazine’s Most Influential People in Security, 2016
    • SANS People Who Made a Difference in Cybersecurity Award, 2013
    • Information Security Executive (ISE) nominee for Executive of the Year for North America, 2013
    • ISE North America Project Award Winner I for the Academic and Public-Sector Category, 2013


    NIST Cybersecurity Framework Accredited Classroom and Video Certification Training Programs


    NCSF-CFM Foundation Certification Training – This one day classroom or four-hour self-paced video training program teaches the fundamentals of the NIST Cybersecurity Framework (NCSF) and the UMass Lowell Controls Factory™ Model.

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    NCSF Foundation Syllabus & Outline
    NCSF Foundation Exam and Credit FAQ’s
    NCSF Foundation Video Sample

    NCSF-CFM Practitioner Certification Training – This 4 day or ten-hour self-paced video training program teaches the advanced skills on how to engineer, implement, test and maintain NIST Cybersecurity Framework controls using the UMass Controls Factory™ Model.

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    NCSF Practitioner Syllabus & Outline
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    NCSF-CFM Practitioner Boot Camp Certification Training – This five day or 14 hour video training boot camp combines the NCSF-CFM Foundation + Practitioner classes into a one week program with one exam.

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    NCSF-CFM Boot Camp Course Datasheet & Outline
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    NCSF Assessment Certification Training – This combined program of NCSF-CFM training and our CyberStrong assessment and reporting tool allow companies of any size quickly assess its alignment with the NCSF and other industry best practice frameworks.

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    NCSF Assessment Datasheet
    NCSF Assessment Video Sample


    NCSF Employee, NICE Certification and NCSF Simulation Training Programs


    NIST Cybersecurity Framework Employee Awareness Training programs include online self-paced games, animations and simulation training programs for phishing, social engineering, online safety, social media, BYOD (Bring Your Own Device), removable media, password safety, personal information, information handling and remote and mobile working.

    RESILIA™ FRONTLINE Employee Cybersecurity Awareness Datasheet
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    NIST NICE Cybersecurity Workforce Framework (NCWF) Certification Training Library – This video training library provides access to 190+ video training programs to prepare for the NICE Workforce Framework IT and Business certifications for IT Service Management, Networking, Project Management, Cybersecurity, Office Productivity Tools, Business Skills, Software Programming and Cloud Computing.

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    NCWF NICE Certification Datasheet & Course Outlines


    Oceans99 – NIST Cybersecurity Framework Simulation
    itSM’s Oceans99 simulation can be used to create executive and boardroom decision making awareness, as well as broad awareness with both IT and non-IT staff on the importance of ‘behavior’ and ‘ discipline’ as well as how to translate security and risk theory into practice.

    OCEANS99 Cybersecurity Simulation Datasheet
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    Course Credits

    Most programs come with a certificate of completion and continuing education credits, such as PDU and CEUs. Students who successfully complete the certification program and its exam and meet university requirements may transfer credits and enroll in one of UMass Lowell’s master’s degree programs in information technology, such as network security or cybersecurity. Those interested in taking the courses may find that programs such as workforce development, the G.I. Bill, apprenticeships, internships, employers and others will fund their participation.


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