DxCERTS Partner Program

DxCERTS Partner Program

The DxCERTS white label blended learning training online curriculum is available for delivery in a classroom, virtual classroom, blended classroom (self-study plus instructor review sessions) or as a standalone self-study program.

Partners (Training or Enterprise) can license the DxCERTS Indivdual or Enterprise curriculum for public open enrollment, on-site or self-paced video delivery programs by clicking on the button below.

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itSM Solutions Curriculum Licensing Details

Classroom, Technology and Staff Requirements
There is no technology required to deliver the itSM Solutions programs. The only staff required is an instructor that itSM Solutions or the partner provides

Financial Model
There is no upfront investment required to become an itSM Solutions licensing partner. Curriculum Licensing, instructor, exams and video training fees are listed in the reseller agreement. Administrative or academic support fees may apply for services licensing partner would like itSM Solutions to provide

Revenue Model

• Open Enrollment Registrations for Classroom and Virtual Classroom Instructor led programs
• Self Paced Video Programs
• Training Assessment Services

Student funding sources will be:

• Apprenticeships
• Grants
• GI Bill
• Project or Program Monies
• HR Monies

Marketing & Communications Model

itSM will work with partner to build awareness for its training program via social media and other marketing venues including online webinars, trade shows and other industry events.

Target audience
All businesses, governments, nonprofits and academic institutions with IT infrastructures and access to the Internet.

Recruitment program
itSM will help partners launch a campaign that focuses on cybersecurity and digital transformation workforce development.
Success Metrics, Continuous Improvement Model
Our success metrics and continuous improvement model is based on an accredited quality management system we have in place with the certification exam agency APMG and Peoplecert. This system is where we monitor student feedback and over pass scores.

Governance Model
The governance model will be established by itSM Solutions and APMG an ISO 17204 accredited certification exam agency. All partners will be required to sign a itSM Solutions reseller agreement which provides the guidelines for the reseller to operate under. Random audits of partners will be conducted by the certification exam agency to ensure compliance with the agreement.

Course Credits
Most programs come with a certificate of completion and continuing education credits, such as PDU and CEUs.


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