Assessment Training

Assessment Training

This combined program of NCSF-CFM training and our CyberStrong assessment and reporting tool allow companies of any size quickly assess its alignment with the NCSF and other industry best practice frameworks (NIST 800-53, 800-171 etc.). The NCSF-Assessment℠ provides an easy to understand score card and report that may be shared among IT teams, external stakeholders, as well as executive management to obtain the funding and resources to close the cybersecurity gaps identified during the assessment.
NIST Cybersecurity Framework (NCSF) Assessment Certification Training Programs

NCSF-CFM Foundation Certification Training – This four-hour self-paced video training program teaches the fundamentals of the NIST Cybersecurity Framework (NCSF) and the UMass Lowell Controls Factory™ Model, a methodology to operationalize the NIST Cybersecurity Framework across an enterprise and its supply chain.

NCSF Foundation Syllabus & Outline
NCSF Foundation Exam and Credit FAQ’s
NCSF Foundation Video Sample

NCSF-CFM Practitioner Certification Training – This ten-hour self-paced video training program teaches the advanced skills necessary to engineer, implement, test and maintain the technology and business controls associated with a NIST Cybersecurity Framework program based and the UMass Controls Factory™ Model.

NCSF Practitioner Syllabus & Outline
NCSF Practitioner Exam and Credit FAQ’s
NCSF Practitioner Video Sample

The Cyberstrong NIST Cybersecurity Framework Assessment Platform™
This online NCSF assessment tool streamlines the assessment process by creating an online, collaborative environment for the collection of an organizations cybersecurity controls data to determine its current NCSF profile and to assign work responsibilities to realize its target profile.

NCSF Assessment Datasheet
NCSF Assessment Video Sample

The NCSF-Assessment service will enable organizations to:

Empower Your Team to Complete Any Cybersecurity Best Practice Assessment
• Identify all the controls associated with a company’s cybersecurity program
• Score your level of risk for each control against well-known industry best practice frameworks
• Score compliance for each control with a simple workflow that includes needed team members.
• Set due dates, view workflow status and assign control owners with collaborators.

Intelligently Close Compliance Gaps Using AI and a Powerful Reporting Engine
• Produce AI generated compliance roadmaps that weight associated cost and impact variables, to improve on your cybersecurity score.
• Allow management to determine Risk Tolerance as measured against the NIST Cybersecurity Framework, DFARS and other frameworks.
• Quickly establish a well-informed plan of action & mitigations (POAM) to guide continuous improvement.

The result is a more efficient assessment process and automated executive reports that don’t require an advanced degree in computer science to understand. All while increasing your cybersecurity resilience.

Programs & Pricing (click on item for pricing)
1. NCSF-CFM Foundation Certification Training with CyberStrong without NIST policies**
2. NCSF-CFM Foundation Certification Training with CyberStrong with NIST policies
3. NCSF-CFM Practitioner Boot Camp Certification Training with CyberStrong without NIST policies
4. NCSF-CFM Practitioner Boot Camp Certification Training with CyberStrong with NIST policies
5. Need a Mentor to guide you through launching the NCSF Assessment and creating the Risk Treatment Plan?

*Extension licenses are available for both the certification programs and The CyberStrong Platform™

**The NIST Cybersecurity Framework (CSF) set of cybersecurity policies and standards are tailored for organizations that do not need have the experience or staff to create their own.


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